Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tim Gunn - Superhero!

We always knew he was a super hero, but now Tim Gunn really will be, in a Marvel comic released next week called Models, Inc. He even dons the Iron Man suit!

Marvel comics is releasing a fashion comic named Models Inc. on Aug. 26 starring Tim Gunn. Similar to his role on Project Runway, Tim will act as the "wise one," helping to solve the crime of a young set designer murdered during New York Fashion Week — all while wearing an Iron Man suit! So far, we know Models Inc. will feature three ladies: Millicent Collins (Millie the Model), Patsy Walker (Hellcat), and Spiderman's Mary Jane.

Watch Tim Gunn on Jon Stewart last night discussing the comic and the new season of Project Runway which begins tonight on Lifetime:

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