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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New How To Train Your Dragon Trailer

We see a bit more of Gerry's father character in this one.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Phantom Menace Youtube Review

There has been a most unlikely viral video sensation in the last couple of weeks - a 7 part, 70 minute video review of Phantom Menace.  Today The Daily Dish unveiled the creator, a 31 year old Milwaukee filmmaker named Mike Stoklasa, in an interview.

Mike, as a crotchety narrator, picks Phantom Menace apart and reveals flaws both huge and minor, while interjecting strange bits like a hostage in his basement and other surprising digressions that keep you riveted.  Yes, riveted, for 70 full minutes. 

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace was the most disappointing thing since my son,” the narrator begins. “And while my son eventually hanged himself in the bathroom of a gas station, the unfortunate reality of the Star Wars prequels is that they'll be around forever.”
The first clip compares the strong characters of the first three films to the weak ones in Phantom Menace.  He dares 4 friends to describe Han Solo and C3PO without describing makeup, clothes or jobs.  Easy.  Han Solo is a rogue, a sexy bad boy, the thief with a heart of gold.  C3PO is the prissy comic relief, a bumbler.  Now try the same with Queen Amidala or Liam Neeson's Qui-Gon Jinn.  The best the friends can come up with, after laughing hilariously, is monotone and stoic!

In just a few weeks, this improbably long viral sensation has garnered 2 million views!  And the video has some high profile fans:  Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof posted the film on Twitter with the review: “Your life is about to change. This is astounding filmmaking. Watch ALL of it.”

I agree, you must watch all 7 parts!  (Just be aware that Mike drops the f-bomb often.)

I wonder if George Lucas has watched it yet?

DJ Earworm - United State of Pop 2009 (Blame It on the Pop) - Mashup of Top 25 Billboard Hits

He's done it again!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

GLEE - Il FlashMob

Glee goes global - first stop, Rome!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

First pic from Eclipse

An Early Christmas Present!

David Cronenberg, who directed Eastern Promises and The History of Violence, will be directing next The Talking Cure, a film based on Christopher Hampton’s 2002 play about Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.
Hopscotch announced the actors via Facebook today:
Hopscotch will release ‘The Talking Cure’ directed by Cronenberg, starring Keira Knightly, Michael Fassbender, Christoph Waltz. A beautiful young woman, driven mad by her past. An ambitious doctor on a mission to succeed. An esteemed mentor with a revolutionary cure. Let the mind games begin…'"
I am doing cartwheels!!  Christoph Waltz and Fassie in the same film again, AND directed by the genius Cronenberg.  Joy!!

Mannheim Steamroller (Live) - Hallelujah - 11-19-09 - Murat

To put you in a Xmas mood!

Tom Sharpe, the drummer on this Mannheim Steamroller tour, is my son's piano teacher.

Neil Patrick Trims....his tree

Neil Patrick twittered last night that he finally got home to New York and decorated his tree.
Tree trimmed. Balls hung. Good times. Lookie.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Avatar - Mini-Review

I saw Avatar this weekend in 3D and it totally lived up to the hype.  We couldn't get into the IMAX showing, but I just couldn't wait to see this movie.  In a word, the movie is simply amazing, and incredibly beautiful.  Avatar does what movies should do -- it transported me to a different world.  The 3D was mostly subtle, and made me feel that I was truly in that forest on the planet of Pandora.

The story was a bit of Dances With Wolves in space, but James Cameron makes movies for the main stream audience.  My husband was deriding Titanic as we waited for the movie to begin, but I love that movie and all it's hokey plot lines.  James Cameron delivers something for everyone.  A little romance, a little action, stuff blowing up, and visuals that just plain stun.

The way that the motion capture and animation totally immersed me in the story, and never left me doubting these blue Na'vi 10 foot tall beings were real is just amazing.  I felt walking out of that movie like I did after seeing the first Matrix film with all the bullet time effects.  I had just seen something totally new, and game changing.  And I wasn't the only one.  Here's what Steven Spielberg said after seeing Avatar:
Steven Spielberg: “The last time I came out of a movie feeling that way it was the first time I saw Star Wars.” … “The most evocative and amazing science-fiction movie since Star Wars.”

Hugh Jackman in a snowball fight

Cate Blanchett dropped her three boys off for a play date with Hugh Jackman's son Oscar Sunday.  Hugh took them all to a park in New York for a snowball fight!  Yeah, he has to be a great dad on TOP of being a sex symbol.

Just Jared has some more great pics, as well as Bauer-Griffin.

Hat tip:  Pink is the new Blog

Monday, December 21, 2009

2009: At The Movies

Another fantastic montage of the movies of this year!

Shorewood Lip Dub

If you've seen 500 Days of Summer (out on DVD next week!), you will recall the celebratory musical number in the middle of the film. (You can watch it here.) In response to a challenge from their rival school, the students at Shorewood High School, in Shoreline, Wash., recreated the 500 Days number with a bit of a twist: They did it in one unbroken take. Oh, and they did it backwards. That is to say, the main performers had to listen to the song played in reverse and learn how to lip-sync it that way, so that it would look right when the video was played backwards.
That is one cool teacher!!  I know we didn't have that much fun in high school.  That scene in 500 Days of Summer was one of my favorites, too.
Publish Post

 Hat tip:  Cinematical

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jingle Bell - Punjabi Tadka |

Pixar's Up Trailer Recut (Gran Torino)

The Bounty Hunter Trailer

Gerry Butler and Jennifer Aniston's The Bounty Hunter gets a trailer!

I about died laughing when she tazed him!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dangerous Wands - Harry Potter Spoof


Beckham gives George Lopez a haircut!

"Give me a bro-hawk just like you!"

Clash of the Titans Trailer

I really admired Sam Worthington in Terminator Salvation. He was the best part of that movie. This weekend we'll see if he lives up to his promise in Avatar. He's an up and comer. Looks good here in Clash of the Titans!

Iron Man 2 Trailer!!

Oh. Yeah.

New Alice in Wonderland Trailer!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cam Gigandet with daughter Everleigh

Cam Gigandet from Twilight running errands with daughter Everleigh.

I love this picture!!

Hat tip:  Perez Hilton

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mark's Tribute to his Glee Family

Mark Salling loves Glee so much he wrote a song about it!

I love Glee, too!

Robin Hood Trailer

First pics, and now the trailer!

New Pics from Robin Hood!

Our first look at Cate Blanchett as Maid Marian, joining Russell Crowe as Robin Hood in Ridley Scott's remake.  Russell looks in Maximus form.  Via the Courier Mail, which has a few more pics from the set.

The Best Christmukkah Ever

Adam Brody is 30 today. Oy! I feel old!

This is one of my favorite episodes of The O.C. We celebrate Christmukkah ourselves in our house. The kids get 8 days of presents followed by one day of many presents, what's not to love?

Listen to Seth - Dip a toe in the Chrismukkah pool!  There's no choosing in Crismukkah!

And remember, you can never have too many copies of The Goonies.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Alans's Rock Video - Doritos Guitar Hero UK Advert

Disney's First Jewish American Princess

Hugh Jackman Works Out On The Beach


Hugh Jackman is vacationing in St. Bart's after finishing up his play A Steady Rain with Daniel Craig on Broadway.  He did some yoga on the beach this weekend and then took a dip. 

And the rest of the world is grateful for our early holiday present.  Thanks for unwrapping!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Brian Cox Masterclass with Theo


A little different that Adam McKay's lessons with daughter Pearl for The Landlord with Will Ferrell!

Christmas Light Hero

What Taylor Lautner wishes he'd done at the VMA's to Kanye West

He's adorable!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

LeeVees - How Do you spell Channukkahh?

Happy 1st Day of Hanukkah, however you spell it!

Friday, December 11, 2009


Compare to the original here.

Honika Electronica

My new favorite Hanukkah song!

I love the Kosher face line the best.

Thanks to Melisa with one S for passing this one along.

Hanukkah Hey Ya!

Happy First night of Hanukkah!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A basic lesson in snap

Trailer Cut - Volume 1

The ultimate trailer mashup. 50 movie trailers in one!!

Pics of the stars of A Single Man

A Single Man Director Tom Ford took these gorgeous pics of four of the stars of the movie - Colin Firth, Matthew Goode, Nicholas Hoult and Julianne Moore.  Yowza!

Gay Elf Sex

Dragon Age Origins Gay Elf Sex

It seems fitting, somehow, that the same week the New York State Senate voted down a bill legalizing gay marriage, a racy gay-elf sex scene in a video game “came out,” so to speak. Or maybe we mean, it is sadly hilarious that actual, real-life gay people are not allowed to marry each other in New York, but this elf, who exists exclusively in a videogame with the title “Dragon Age,” can have as much gay sex as he wants.

I find this clip awesome. (And I've always wondered about that Legolas....)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


"Pokémon World Is A World Of The Demonic!"

Well, I guess my kids are going to hell. I always knew Jiggly Puff and Pikachu were out to get us.

Hat tip: Andrew Sullivan and Everything is Terrible

Fujiya & Miyagi 'Ankle Injuries'

Fujiya & Miyagi 'Ankle Injuries' from Tom Lindsay on Vimeo.

I love these creative animations.

Hat tip: Daily Dish

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Quentin Tarantino in bizarre Japanese commercial

No classy Japanese whisky ads for Quentin. No, he has to do a bizarre kung fu talking DOG speaker for your cellphone ad. A speaker shaped like a dog. Yeah.

The Year 2009 in Auto Tune

Matt Damon on the training he went through to prepare for Invictus

Awards Daily points to this great article and interview about what Matt Damon went through to prepare for Invictus. As Awards Daily points out, he went from gaining weight for The Informant! to having to bulk up to play the captain of a rugby football team. And in rugby, they don't wear pads like in American football, so he had to be ready for some physical punishment on the field. Matt Damon was amazed that the story of the team captain, Pienaar, and Mendela was true.
But after looking up Pienaar online and seeing photos of him, Damon was also incredulous he'd been asked to play the part. "Clint, this guy is huge," Damon protested. "We've never met, but I'm only 5 foot 10."

Eastwood started to laugh. "Oh hell, don't worry about that," he said composedly. "You go worry about everything else!"

Damon had six months to master an elusive South African accent and pack some new muscle on a frame that – because European rugby is a sport that doesn’t use the protective gear of North American football – would be facing pulverizing punishment on the field. He would be playing a real-life character who, in the course of his career, has broken his nose 14 times and received 400 stitches to his face.

“I had to build myself up to try to pull off the illusion of being the captain of a South African rugby team,” Damon says. “Ultimately, I was trying to look at every possible pitfall: What are the things that could possibly blow this illusion?”

That’s the way Damon works: thinking hard about a role long before he hits the set. “So I kind of made my little checklist of things to do.”

The 39-year-old actor will always remember his first meeting with Pienaar. He and Freeman received an invitation to Pienaar’s house for a gourmet dinner the South African sports icon was cooking himself.

“He invited me to meet his wife and two boys, and Morgan and I went, and I remember I rang the door bell and I looked UP at him! The first thing I ever said to Francois Pienaar in my life was – ‘I look much bigger on film.’ And he laughed and laughed and gave me a big hug and took me into his house, and that was it.
 Read the whole great article here.   I think this is going to be a fantastic holiday film.

Monday, December 7, 2009

James Franco says appearing on General Hospital is Performance Art

James Franco wrote an article in Friday's Wall Street Journal explaining his fascination with performance art, and that is how he views his appearance on the soap General Hospital -- as an extended performance art piece:
I have been obsessed with performance art for over a decade—ever since the Mexican performance artist Guillermo Gómez-Peña came to visit my class at Cal Arts summer school. I finally took the plunge and experimented with the form myself when I signed on to appear on 20 episodes of "General Hospital" as the bad-boy artist "Franco, just Franco." I disrupted the audience's suspension of disbelief, because no matter how far I got into the character, I was going to be perceived as something that doesn't belong to the incredibly stylized world of soap operas. Everyone watching would see an actor they recognized, a real person in a made-up world. In performance art, the outcome is uncertain—and this was no exception. My hope was for people to ask themselves if soap operas are really that far from entertainment that is considered critically legitimate. Whether they did was out of my hands.
The final episode of the story arc will take place in a real gallery, and he plays the artist Franco (who poses as a street graffiti artist) furthering the reflexive nature of the whole enterprise.
The folks at "General Hospital" informed me that in three days of filming we backlogged enough material for 23 episodes. There will be one more step. After all of the Franco episodes are aired, my character's storyline will be advanced in a special episode filmed in a "legitimate" New York gallery. One more layer will be added to this already layer-heavy experiment. If all goes according to plan, it will definitely be weird. But is it art?
Read the whole thing here.

Victoria's Secret Commercial By Michael Bay

Okay. This just completely made me crack up. Helicopters. check. Knife throwing. check. Plenty 'o explosions. It's Michael Bay. Check and triple check.

Totally over the top. Totally Michael Bay. As one blog put it - The focus is on the breasts as in Transformers, but at least this time it's for a reason!

Winter Wonderland - Jason Mraz

It snowed last night here in Chicago land. It's a winter wonderland for the first time this season!

Wish I could just spend the day by the fire....

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Send a Holiday Postcard from Gmail - for Free!

Send a holiday postcard, yes a real snail mail postcard, from Gmail for free!  Check it out here.

A Different kind of Schmear for the Holidays

CBS has a bold new ad campaign for the holidays, suggesting men give their wives the gift of a pap smear for Hanukkah or Christmas.

Want to do something special for your woman this Hanukah?" says actor Josh Pais in one. "Schedule her Pap smear. Just a schmear could save her life."

Then, as a shot of an animated menorah comes to life, he adds, "Give the gift that will light up her menorah."

"If your main objective is to offend no one, than you're on a fast track to being irrelevant," Margo, vice president of CBS, says.

Does it come with an assortment of bagels?

Read more at the NY Daily News.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Trailer

Dh Preview One - For more funny movies, click here

A short teaser trailer, and we have to wait till next fall!

SNL spoofs the Sahalis

Friday, December 4, 2009

Taylor Lautner to play Teen Superhero Max Steel?

According to the LA Times, Taylor Lautner is in talks to play teen superhero Max Steel.  Max Steel was a Mattel action figure released in 2001, and there was an animated show that ran for three seasons. It's still very popular in Latin America.
Lautner would play Josh McGrath, a 19-year-old extreme-sports athlete who is accidentally exposed to the unleashed power of nanotechological machines, which become part of him and (in the old show, at least) give him increased strength, near-invulnerability and the ability to change his appearance.
Taylor appears next in a small role in the film Valentine's Day, and next week hosts SNL.

How Twilight Should Have Ended


Hat tip: BluEyedDaizy

Happy 60th Jeff Bridges!

The Dude abides! Jeff Bridges talked recently about how glad he is that The Big Lebowski became the cult film it is:

“I love that,” he says. “It’s so gratifying because it didn’t do much when it first came out, then it was a bigger hit in Europe and it splashed back over here. I’ve been to one of those festivals. I played it. It was my Beatle moment, playing to a sea of Dudes, screaming and excitement.

“It’s great to have a movie that I loved being a part of, and some people think the Coen brothers, they’re so good at what they do, it must just be like nothing, improvisation. But on that movie, no improvisation. Everything is scripted. They’re very precise. And to have the appreciation that it’s got now, and people study it, it’s great.”

Jeff Bridges may be having his best year yet with all the Oscar talk for Crazy Heart.

Besides Bridges in Tron, I remember being obsessed with him in the movie Starman.  I can't even count how many times I've seen that movie.  Here's an interesting comment he made about that opening scene as the alien:
So I’d go through my phone book and I’d go, ‘Which friends are in this book that I wouldn’t be surprised if I found out they were an alien?’

Jeff Bridges in Starman“One of those guys was a fellow named Russell Clark who was a dancer and had these interesting movements, so I thought I’d hire him to teach me some dance and kind of approach this thing like a dancer. I felt if I cracked that opening scene, then it would be a process of just becoming more human as the film went on.

“It was almost like imagining that I was somebody in a human body as if it was a ride, not myself. Like I was driving it around. And then it was impersonating. Like you’re sitting like this right now (he indicates the interviewer’s posture), and you’re sitting that way because you’re comfortable. So Starman would see that and rather than knowing why you did it he would do it and it wouldn’t be for the purpose, it would be kind of a bad impersonation.”

Thursday, December 3, 2009

How I Met Your Mother - Frosty the Inappropriate Snowman 2009

Holy Crap! CBS (!!!) made this mashup! CBS!! O.M.G.

Funny Give It A Ponder James Lipton Beard Commercial - LOCKER ROOM

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Empire Magazine Celebrates 20th

Empire magazine is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a special issue guest edited by Steven Spielberg. Included in the issue are actors in photos recreating iconic moments in film, including Atonement, above. Here are a few more of my favorites:

Hollywood vs. New York

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Michael Sheen on Craig Ferguson for New Moon

Sweet surprise! I didn't know he was doing any New Moon press.

25 Years of Oprah Screaming Celebrities Names


The real story behind The Blindside

Brian Williams did a piece last night about the real story behind the hit movie The Blindside last night:

Michael Oher's Ravens even beat the Super Bowl champs this weekend in overtime!

Producer says there is "every intention" of making Breaking Dawn

/Film pointed out this short film clip on the Making Of site, where producer Wyck Godfrey talks about the plans for making Breaking Dawn:

Breaking Dawn is a very different book from the others in the series. It's definitely an adult book with the marriage of Bella and Edward leading to sex scenes and a bizarre new relationship for Jacob. Adapting that script to keep the movie PG-13 could be much more of a challenge. Really though, with the extreme financial success of the first two Twilight movies, was there any doubt they'd adapt the fourth book?

There are four clips of producer Wyck Godfrey discussing New Moon and Twilight, including breaking down the cliff jumping scene in New Moon. My favorite was this one about the casting difficulties of Twilight. "Why don't we look at some of those Harry Potter kids..." lol!

First Look at Voyage of the Dawn Treader

We get our first look at The Chronicles of Narnia:  The Voyage of the Dawn Treader via an unexected source:  Facebook.  20th Century Fox took over the Narnia series, and they've started a production blog of sorts on Facebook.  The best thing is that Ben Barnes is back as Prince Caspian.  Dawn Treader comes out next year for the holidays in December of 2010.