Monday, December 21, 2009

Shorewood Lip Dub

If you've seen 500 Days of Summer (out on DVD next week!), you will recall the celebratory musical number in the middle of the film. (You can watch it here.) In response to a challenge from their rival school, the students at Shorewood High School, in Shoreline, Wash., recreated the 500 Days number with a bit of a twist: They did it in one unbroken take. Oh, and they did it backwards. That is to say, the main performers had to listen to the song played in reverse and learn how to lip-sync it that way, so that it would look right when the video was played backwards.
That is one cool teacher!!  I know we didn't have that much fun in high school.  That scene in 500 Days of Summer was one of my favorites, too.
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 Hat tip:  Cinematical

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  1. Thanks alot
    500 days of summer is definately one of my favorite movies of the year
    Glad you enjoyed our video