Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hugh Dancy is a Rebel

Adam is almost here, and that means press, interviews and photoshoots of Hugh Dancy! He was interviewed by Black Book Magazine, and was photographed as 4 different "rebels" -- James Dean, Jackson Pollack, Sid Vicious and Oliver Wilde.

Frankly, I find the Sid Vicious picture a little ludicrous, if still adorable. Oscar Wilde seems more his style, don't you think?

On Adam:
The difficulty inherent in playing anyone with a disability, he understands, is that expectations of naturalism are set impossibly high. The consequences have not gone unnoticed by Dancy, who admits, “This project was rife with opportunities for me to fuck it up enormously and, by doing so, prove my own limitations. To botch the whole thing would have been calamitous.”

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