Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hugh Dancy does Press for Adam

Great article about Hugh Dancy and Adam in the New York Times this weekend:

Mr. Dancy said he had to put aside his normal acting instincts to learn to play a character who lacks empathy. “The nature of the condition is that it’s anti-empathetic,” Mr. Dancy said. “So there isn’t something you can empathize your way into. You have to study it and study it and talk to people until it sinks in.”

And that is what he did: he read books about people with Asperger’s, met and spent time with people with Asperger’s, and talked the character through exhaustively with Mr. Mayer, who had done his own research.

At the same time he had to play a real character, not a type, not simply Person With Asperger’s. “Somebody asked me, outside of this condition, who is this person?” he explained. “There was something delicate and strange and mysterious about the character. He was not just some screenwriter’s vague idea of what a man with Asperger’s might be like, but someone with a very specific set of characteristics.”
And you have to watch this cute video clip from USA Today!
I tried to embed it, but it was autoplay.

Adorable!! Here's the USA Today interview with both actors.

Adam opens this week in New York and LA, and expands to more theaters over the coming weeks.

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