Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cinemash Sid & Nancy

You MUST watch this hilarious clip from Mean Magazine in their first of the Cinemash series.
OMG!! This is so funny because they made a joke a reality! There's a line in the trailer for 500 Days of Summer where the Zooey compares their relationship to Sid and Nancy, but she says SHE is Sid. So, Mean magazine had them film a scene from Sid & Nancy -- Zooey Deschanel is Sid, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Nancy.

What's really a riot is that this is going to be a series. Next week brings Cheech and Chong doing Tron!

In one of the few nods to a current project, the first short, which posted Tuesday, features Gordon-Levitt and Deschanel re-enacting the climax of "Sid and Nancy" with all the junkie drama and heartache that Gary Oldman and Chloe Webb brought to the original -- with a catch. Playing off a scene in their upcoming "(500) Days of Summer," it's Gordon-Levitt in lingerie, mascara (and stubble) as Nancy Spungen and Deschanel in punk-god drag as Sid Vicious.

"We wanted to take it really seriously," Gordon-Levitt says. "To be winking would be a joke on a joke -- the gender reversal being the joke itself. To make it funny, we had to do the scene in a real way."

Marc Webb, who directed both "(500) Days" and the "Sid" "Cinemash" episode, says: "It was one of those things that -- it had to be done. Once the idea is out there, you have to do it. You just can't shove it back into your gullet."

Read more about this at the LA Times.

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