Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rip the Shirt Right Off His Back

This is WAY cool.  Andrew Sullivan at Daily Dish clued me in to this extremely cool Wrangler Ad.  It's completely interactive.  You can literally rip the shirt right off his back.  Andrew describes it thusly:
It's for Wrangler's Blue Bell fashion brand. If you're a gay man or heterosexual woman, it's particularly awesome. You get to interactively toss Tony Ward around and even rip his shirt off. Ward, if you recall, is Madonna's former baby-daddy. And the one thing you can say about Madonna is that her taste in men is flawless.
Seriously, seriously: way hot and fun. And the music is awesome.
Totally agree about the hotness, and the music!  Pure awesome fun to throw around this boy toy!

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