Sunday, February 7, 2010

In the Loop - Mini-review

Now I underestand why In the Loop got the Screenplay Oscar nomination after watching the DVD this weekend.  The script is f***ing brilliant, and the laugh lines come at you at rapid-fire pace.  This is a scathing satire about the backbiting politicians and bureaucrats on both sides of the Atlantic leading up to an unnamed war with a Middle Eastern country.  Malcom Tucker is a Downing Street Press Officer (left), and almost everything he says I can't repeat here.  He is evidently loosely based on Alistair Campbell, Tony Blair's press secretary, and he sounds like Great Britain's Rahm Emmanuel.  James Gandolfini plays an American Lt. General, and I won't soon forget the scene where he calculates the possible war dead on a purple kid's see and spell during the middle of a cocktail party in a girl's bedroom with a State Department official.

This film is just so amazingly funny.  So many great lines and funny scenes.  I give this three and a half stars and a hearty recommendation.  Do yourself a favor and rent this gem.

Watch the trailer below to get a taste.

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