Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Phantom of the Opera Sequel in London

The sequel to Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera, Love Never Dies, is in previews in London. They released this official video of the song Til' I Hear You Sing, which just blew me away. Ramin Karimloo plays the Phantom in the show and his co-star Sierra Boggess is Christine. Sierra Boggess was Ariel in the Broadway Little Mermaid.

Ramin is a hottie, and WOW that voice. Simply amazing.

We know the musical is set in New York and Coney Island. Still unanswered: Does the Phantom get laid this time?


  1. Oh my! Ramin is just spectacular, isn't he? What I'd give to see him play Phantom in London. I posted the clip of him singing this haunting song on my blog a while ago ( and I was blown away by his voice... and his looks, too.

    I still hope Gerard Butler will reprise his Phantom role in the movie version of Love Never Dies though. As for your question, now that'd make for a compelling movie scene, wouldn't it? They should make it even as a dream sequence ;)

  2. Thanks for commenting! I've been enjoying your blog.

    I don't know if we'll ever get Gerry to sing again in a movie. While we loyal fans all adored it, I think he was stung by the harsh critics.

    How much time has supposed to pass for Phantom 2, I wonder? Would Gerry age out for the role by the time they get around to a movie? I'd be happy with Ramin, at this point!

  3. Hi again, sorry I just replied on your comment on my blog yesterday. Yeah, the critics were harsh on Gerry in POTO, I mean it wasn't fair as he isn't a trained singer. But his performance more than make up for it of course. Love Never Dies is supposed to take place 10 yrs later, which is perfect as GB looks just about 10 yrs older than he was then. I really hope he'd consider it as I know he'd be sooo good in it. But I don't think he'd want to train his vocals again though, that's real hard work. As for Ramin, who knows if he'd be awesome in the movie version as well. He's handsome all right, but Gerry's got such forlorn look about him that translate real well on screen. Anyway, I've been planning to blog about this for a while. Stay tuned on FlixChatter :)