Sunday, January 24, 2010

Simon Pegg as Renesmee?

Simon Pegg is hilarious in the movies, and also very funny in his twitter posts! Here's what he tweeted this week:

  • Yes!!!! I've been accepted into Hogwarts to do a post grad in technical drawing. Second choice after Bristol Uni but hey, cute witches.
  • Oh great they don't allow dogs. It's either cats or toads. That's fucking disgraceful. I'm making a formal complaint to UCCA. Magic that!
  • They've made an acception because Minnie can speak German. Yay!!
  • They've revoked the offer due to my inability to distinguish between 'exception' and 'acception'. I'm doing a B-tech at Cheltenham Ladies.
  • Dear news vultures picking thru my banal tweets for scraps of relevance, I am NOT in Harry Potter but I am the new Q in James Bond. (FALSE).
  • And I'm playing Renesmee in Breaking Dawn. Using MoCap to turn me into a creepy, psychic baby. It's tough on Kristen, she has to carry me.
  • I actually got the part because I am an exact cross between Rpattz and Kstew. Who knew such beauty could in combination produce this face?
  • Me and Taylor had coffee last week. We had a couple of croissants then he imprinted. Haven't been able to get rid of him since. So method!


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