Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chris Pine Film Fest

Last night I watched the film Bottle Shock on Netflix on my computer.  Imagine Alan Rickman, Bill Pullman and Chris Pine in the same movie, and no, it's not in space.  It takes place in Napa Valley in 1976, and Rickman is the wine snob who showed that California wines were just as good as French in a blind contest he held in Paris.  Chris Pine plays the hippie, and I do mean hippie with long stringy hair, son of a winery owner (Pullman).  It's a mildly amusing film, and fun in that's it's a true story.  Besides wearing tight 70's jeans and t-shirts, there's not a lot to Pine's slacker character, Bo.

Today, I'm doing a sort of mini-Chris Pine film festival.  I'm watching my Star Trek DVD as I type this, and watched clips on Youtube of Just My Luck and Princess Diaries 2 to see what he was like in some romantic roles. 

My conclusion is that Chris Pine must have had one hell of an audition for Star Trek, as previous to that he basically had mostly Ken doll leading man roles.  He's so amazing and full of personality in Star Trek, and before that, meh.  Maybe there's some small gem or guest star part I haven't seen yet.

Thank you J. J. Abrams, for finding this rough cut diamond, and giving it a little polish!  Because he was certainly rough. 

Although you've got to hand it to the Chris.  You do have to be quite an actor to fake attraction to Lindsay Lohan!

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