Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kevin Bacon on Taking Chance

HBO is premiering Taking Chance on Saturday, and here is a great conversation with Mike Strobl, the marine who wrote the story:

Also, Daily Beast has a great interview with Kevin, where he talks about everything from Footloose to Taking Chance.

You’ve played military men many times before (A Few Good Men, Frost/Nixon), though.
I have. And certainly, the time that I spent at Quantico on A Few Good Men was very helpful...I feel really strongly that with the military in general, when you have that haircut, and you’ve got that uniform on, people just sometimes have a hard time seeing past that, through the fact that you have a human being inside there, inside that uniform. And I think there’s a responsibility also to state, even though Mike is a Marine, there’s more to him than that.

Read my review of Taking Chance here. We were lucky to have an extensive conversation with Mike Strobl, and he's an incredible guy.

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