Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hugh Jackman interview about the Oscars

There's a fantastic video interview with Hugh Jackman about hosting the Oscars on Here's a few highlights:

It’s one of those nights where it seems the whole world takes the night off and enjoys the show. What I was most excited about was, and I don’t want to give anything away, but there’s a twist this year. I feel like I’m part of something new, part of a new initiative, a new era. It feels like [Oscarcast producers Laurence Mark and Bill Condon] are guiding me in a way that will make the show fun and quicker.

We say “host” here, but in my country we would call it an “emcee” or a “master of ceremonies.” Your job is to ensure that everyone has the best time possible and has a great night. I don’t feel the show should be about the host. My role is to keep the night flowing, fun, to keep it inclusive. I have a game plan, I have a number of stuff written and things like that but at the same time I think it’s also important as the host to be ready to go with whatever happens. I think my experience in theater is no matter what you’re doing, you want to give people that sense that anything can happen, and let’s face it, at the Oscars, anything can.

Watch the whole thing here!

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