Thursday, November 12, 2009

Last Chance Harvey - Mini-review

Last night, I was just in the mood for somehting light, and I caught Last Chance Harvey on Netflix's Play it now feature.  This is a light-weight Rom Com, but it's just a delight to see Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman act opposite each other.  Emma Thompson has just been ignored on a blind date and has a very needy mother, but Dustin Hoffman's Harvey has her beat in the miserable department.  He's just been fired, and his daughter wanted her step-father to walk her down the aisle in stead of him.  Harvey's daughter's wedding is what has brought him to London, and he finds himself the odd man out at all the celebrations as his daughter has become much closer to her step-father.

You don't usually see a love story between two middle-aged people on screen like this, and you feel like they are much more cautious, but also recognize how rare and precious the connection they've found is.  The acting craft in the small moments between them is what was truly special, even if there were no surprises in the plot.  All I can tell you is that the movie made me smile for it's 90 minute length.  Definitely worth a rental and 3 stars.

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