Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hugh Dancy in Coach!

Nick Scanlon is an unemployed Manhattan barfly on the verge of realizing that his childish bed-head charm might not get him much farther than the door of some hip New York nightclub and that this, perhaps, is no longer enough.

Dumped by his girlfriend and abandoned by his suddenly mature and working friends, Nick becomes motivated to do something more with his life. He quickly finds himself a job coaching a middle school soccer team down the block from his trust-fund financed apartment. His good intentions are rewarded when Nick meets Gabrielle, the beautiful doctor from a hospital close to his team’s home field.

Through an unlikely friendship with the team’s thirteen-year-old star player, and a budding relationship with Gabrielle who questions his party-boy lifestyle, Nick begins to understand that growing up is more complicated than he ever could have imagined – whether it be at thirteen, or at twenty-eight. Nick embraces his new challenge, his new girlfriend, and his soccer team of misfits, and with a few missteps along the way, ends up finding himself in a place he never thought possible.

Yeah, yeah, we've seen this movie a million times. Boy-man grows up to impress a woman, and is nice to kids along the way. I don't care! It's Hugh Dancy in a Rom Com and it promises to have him onscreen for nearly the entire movie! I am just glowing as this trailer totally made my day. I had no idea he had even made this movie.

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