Monday, October 19, 2009

Highlights from Gerard Butler Hosting SNL

Gerard Butler hosted SNL this weekend, and did quite well, considering the uneven material.  The show opened with a surprise appearance of Dwayne "Rock" Johnson as Rock Obama, throwing senators out the window over healthcare.  It didn't have the same punch as the first time he did it.

For Gerard's opening monologue, he hit the Phantom vs. Action hero thing head on.  He told the audience he has two types of movies, softer sensitive roles, and action movies where he takes his shirt off.  He said he wanted to show the more sensitive side and began singing Music of the Night (surprising himself that he could still do it well!).  He was then attacked by ninjas, Vikings and so on, fending them off while still singing.  Finally Kristen Wiig came out to join the duet and went after him with a knife, shouting, "Take off your shirt!!"  I about died laughing.  They sang again together in this hilarious Beauty and the Beast sketch:

He had a personal message to his mom in Paisley, translated by Seth Meyer.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell via 300:

The DaveHeart sketch near the end of the show may be one of my favorites!

You can watch nearly the whole episode here on Hulu. It seems the song from the monologue may be under copyright dispute with Andrew Lloyd Webber, because I can't find it anywhere, even in the "full" episode view on Hulu.

See more of the break photos of Gerard and a few other clips at Just Jared. I thought it was interesting that he didn't even mention his new movie Law Abiding Citizen once. It came in second for the weekend in box office, but I haven't had a chance to see it yet. Sick kid, darn the luck!

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