Saturday, January 31, 2009

Who is this Lucian the Lycan?

I have recently installed Sitemeter for this blog, and I can see the search words that bring people to my blog. Because I wrote about the new photos of Robert Downey Jr. Shirtless as Sherlock Holmes, and also because of this Hurray for Chest Hair post, I have had some interesting search combos bring people to my site, including several "Name of actor" shirtless. Recently, it's been "Michael Sheen Shirtless." Having just seen Michael Sheen in Frost/Nixon, and loving him in that, and also loving him as Tony Blair in The Queen, I admire the actor, but was puzzled. Yeah, he's kind of handsome, I thought, but what is up with this rash of searches for images of Michael shirtless?

You see, I had never seen Underworld. I looked Michael up on Imdb after I saw Michael in Frost/Nixon because it was bugging me that he had been in another movie in the past, and I couldn't think of it. The movie was Timeline, where he plays the villain. But in those IMDB credits were the three Underworld films. So, out of curiosity, I rented the first Underworld from Netflix. The movie disk was infuriatingly skipping on me, but I was arrested by the first shot of Michael Sheen as the Lycan (werewolf) Lucian. Holy crap. THIS was Michael Sheen who played David Frost?! This bad ass?!

I adore English actors because they will take any work, from Shakespeare to Horror. Bill Nighy plays the king of the vampires, so it's a kick ass movie with great actors who it is just a ball to see chew up the scenery. I loved Underworld. Since the movie was skipping and freezing so badly, I had to abandon the DVD, and some kind soul had posted the whole thing on YouTube. Michael's character Lucian at the beginning is the bad guy, but you find out something about him in the movie, which changes your mind about him. His look is just so arresting with the hair extensions, and the gaping open shirt (he's quite fit, as the Brits would say). Wow. One of his first lines is to one of his werewolf minion, "Must I do everything myself?!" Classic!

I got caught up in Underworld's story of vampires and werewolves. It's an interesting world, and the movie was more entertaining than I expected. A nice break from the heavy Oscar fare. The romance between Kate Beckinsale's character and Scott Speedman's Michael is the main story, but I was loving Michael Sheen as king of the lycans and Bill Nighy as king of the vampires.

I have Underworld Evolution as my next movie to be mailed to me on my queue now, and the third movie, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, is a prequel telling the story of the beginning of the war between Lucian's Lycans and Bill Nighy's vampires and is out in theaters now. Michael's character Lucian in the first was an important supporting one, but interest in his back story obviously grew, since they made the third all about his character. It's probably really bad, but at this point, I don't care. I hear there's a Michael Sheen love scene in it. And he's quite fit, and maybe even shirtless. ;)


  1. Girrrrrrrrrrrl, let me tell you that "love" scene is smokin' HOT! My friend Cin and I were left with our mouth's open and then Cin leans into me and says "dayyym, I have been doing it wrong this whole time" Classic!!

  2. Sometimes you have the worst timing. A "love" scene so smokin' HOT that it left you with your mouth's open?! And I have to go to synagogue tonight, and should NOT be thinking constantly about what makes you react like that. DAMN!

    Me thinks this MovieMaven will be seeing a matinee this week.

  3. Michael Sheen isn't English; he's Welsh.