Sunday, January 11, 2009

Golden Globes Reaction

I was thrilled that Colin Farrell won for Best Actor Comedy for In Bruges. I adored that film, and thought he was possibly his best ever in it. He seemed genuinely surprised. It was a huge night for Slumdog Millionaire with 4 wins. Heath Ledger's posthumous win for The Dark Knight was expected, but Kate Winslet nabbing TWO statuettes was a stunner. She seemed totally shocked to win the second, the Best Actress for Revolutionary Road. I haven't seen either of her films yet, but they've just come to my local multi-plex. Still hoping The Wrestler will come out to the 'burbs, too, as Mickey Rourke won Best Actor, Drama.

A huge night for HBO, too, with multiple wins for John Adams, Laura Dern for Recount (yeah!), Gabriel Byrne for In Treatment (double yeah!) and shocker Anna Paquin for True Blood! Squee! Fun night!

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