Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wanna see Cam Gigandet Naked?

Director Paul W. S. Anderson talking about his Sci-Fi film Pandorum due out Sept. 18:

“For fans of ‘Twilight,’ there’s a scene where Cam's completely naked. He’s covered in blood, of course. There’s more Cam nudity in this than there is in ‘Twilight’! There’s this great scene where Dennis finds Cam and he’s naked and covered in blood and Dennis covers him up and he says to Cam, ‘Is that your blood, Corporal?’ and Cam says, ‘Some of it,’ and of course the question is, ‘Whose blood is it?’”

The film sounds a little like Alien, and also stars Dennis Quaid.


  1. cam is super sexy.!!! i love him

  2. I had never seen this guy before until burlesque. The second I saw him, I was like OMG this guy is hot, I've watched the movie 5 times so far and just for well and a little Christina her performances in the movie were excellent...but he definately took focus off the rest of the cast for me. Just seeing him makes me