Friday, September 11, 2009

Timothy Dalton is Mr. Pricklepants in Toy Story 3

News is coming out about Toy Story 3, and Timothy Dalton is going to be a hedgehog toy called Mr. Pricklepants who wears lederhosen. Is that not the best name ever?

Empire got a sneak peak:

Lasseter also gave us a sneak peek at a sequence from the film and the as-yet unreleased trailer. The clip showed Andy packing from college, and emptying all his toys into a black bin bag for storage in the attic. He hesitates over Woody and Buzz, finally putting Woody in the box of things to take for college. But all the toys are panicked - especially Woody, who's worried for his friends. When Andy is distracted by his little sister and leaves the garbage bag on the landing instead of upstairs in the attic, his mother takes it out to the kerb - and a frantic Woody has to save his friends from a rapidly approaching bin lorry.

We also saw the as-yet unreleased trailer, which showed bits of the same scene, but developed the story. Clearly the toys end up being sent to a daycare centre, where they are horribly abused by the little kids - and after that it's time for a break-out attempt to find a safe haven, and hopefully a new owner, in a cruel world. It looks every bit as good as its titanic predecessors.
My favorite role for Timothy Dalton was not Bond, but Simon Skinner, the villain in Hot Fuzz. I hope Mr. Pricklepants will be as delicious a role!

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