Monday, November 22, 2010

Jim Carrey on Letterman promoting I Love You Phillip Morris

Wow, kudos to Jim for schooling Dave Letterman. Dave asked him about playing a gay man in I Love You Phillip Morris.

Asked Dave: "And, in terms of a leading man, a heterosexual playing a homosexual, do homosexuals say 'well, that shouldn't have been a homosexual' or do you worry about your image as a heterosexual leading man playing a homosexual?"

Replied Carrey: "Boy, we haven't grown at all, have we? We haven't grown at all.... We're still children in the schoolyard. Honestly. No offense Dave, for god's sakes, have you ever seen a gay man? Are there gay people in Indiana? Is it ok to be gay there, is what I'm asking. There's not a policy against gay people there or here?"

I saw the premiere of Philip Morris at Sundance, and it was hilariously funny, and I agree with Dave - this is the best that Jim Carrey has ever been. It comes out December 3rd.

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