Saturday, December 20, 2008

Robert cut his hair!

Perez has the scoop! It's funny that this is "mayjah" news, as Perez says, but the man with the famous hair, Robert Pattinson has cut it! (And, we presume, someone washed it.) Robert famously was not allowed to cut his tresses by the studio so that he would keep the Edward look during the press & premiere tour. He also (I hope joked) that he hadn't washed it for 6 weeks. Looking good and short & sassy! So, filming for New Moon is in 12 weeks. Time enough to grow it back?


  1. Too cute!!!! OME!! He is just soo cute. Too young, but really cute. I am looking at my word verifcation that i have to enter in order to post and would you belive the word spelled is PORKERS. I am not kidding, i had to print screen and save it...LOL!!

    How is your first day of Hannakah going? I hope that all is well with you and your loved ones. I am on vaca for a few weeks so I can be online much more.

    Guess what? Romantic Times will be in Columbus, Ohio 2010. A bit closer to you so maybe you can attend??? I hope to go and it would be cool to see ya. If not, maybe I could swing by Chicago and say helllllllo

  2. I would LOVE to attend Romantic Times with you. I just looked it up and that's about a 6 hour drive for me. Let me know when you're signing up!