Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Which Villain Role Will Michael Fassbender Pick?

Big Fassie news today!!  MyNewPlaidPants clued me in that Michael Fassbender is up for one of two huge villain roles  (via):
He’s being pursued, I hear, for two different Marvel comics movies. Matthew Vaughn is said to want him for “X Men: First Class.” Fassbender would play young Magneto, the precursor for Ian McKellen’s later character.  James McAvoy is already signed to play Young Xavier.
At the same time, Fassbender is being pursued to play the villain in “Spider Man 4,”  aka “No Toby Maguire Here.”
Two different movies from Marvel, but two different studios: Fox for the first, and Columbia for the second. He can’t do both.
 I'm leaning towards X-Men, because my head might explode to have James McAvoy and Michael in the same movie!

Also, Fassinating Fassbender scored a phone interview with the man himself, and he discussed finishing Jane Eyre, and starting on the new film with Viggo.

And meanwhile, Jonah Hex is mere days away!

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