Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How You Know You Have Become Radioactive

Ouch.  Lindsay Lohan has hit a new low.  She has been completely cropped out of the photo on the Nintendo DS Mean Girls game cover.  Her character from the movie is the main focus of the game, but maybe her image is a bit too radioactive for a game for young girls?  As Cinematical put it:
Could this be because...young girls generally have to get $20 items pre-approved by their parents? And that parents (even fathers) are justifiably hesitant to buy their children ANYthing with the name or face of Lindsay Lohan on it? Could that be why? Or could it be as simple as "We'd have to pay her to re-use the likeness, and we don't feel like it."
 Linsday is currently working on Machete with Robert Rodriguez, and Quentin Tarantino is even talking about resurrecting her career in something "hardcore".  She's got nowhere to go put up at this point.

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